HAU24819050120001 HØRDA. Foto via boka Våre gamle skip av L.M. Bjørkelund & E.H. Kongshavn.


1905 DS HØRDA (HAU248190501)








Dampskip, stykkgods, treskrog
steamship, general cargo, wooden hull.



Flagg (flag):


Havn (port):


Byggeår (year built):


Bnr (Sno).:


Bygger (yard):

Johan Hauge, Halsnøy Kloster, Klosterøen.

Eier (owner):

Th. Nordbø m.fl., Haugesund

Disponent (manager):

Th. Nordbø, Haugesund

Klasse (Class).:




Tonnasje (Tonnage):

900 tdw,612 brt, 373 nrt

Dimensjoner (size):

L: 166,8'–B: 26,3-D: 15,0'.

(cargo handling):


(Ref. machinery):






(syst. for manouvering):


(deck machinery):


Kommunikasjon (comm.):


Kallesignal (Call sign):




Fremdrift (propulsion):

1 dampmaskin (steam reciprocating), triple exp. 3-sylinder, syl. diam.: 12,0’’–20,0”–32,0’’, slag/stroke: 26,0’’. 60 NHK, 330 IHK. Bygget av Akers mek. Verksted, Kristiania.

Fart/forbr. (speed/cons.):


Hjelpemaskineri (aux):


Tot. el. kraft (el. power):


Kjeler (boiler):

1 dampkjele (boiler), med dim.: 10,5’ x 9,0’ og 2 fyrganger. Arbeidstrykk 160 psi. Bygget av Akers mek. Verksted, Kristiania.



Bemanning (crew):

Gunnar Hellesen -1915




1892 Bygget som HØRDA av Johan Hauge, Halsnøy Kloster, Klosterøen for Carl Foss m. fl., Haugesund.
1900 Solgt til T. H. Skogland m. fl., Haugesund.
1905 Solgt til Th. Nordbø m. fl., Haugesund.
1915 Havarerte 21/01 ved Shawbost vest på Lewisøya, Hebridene mens hun var på reise fra Odda til Lisboa, Portugal med karbid i fat. Besetningen på 14 mann omkom.


From Wrecksite.eu
Lloyd's Stornoway telegram reports the Norwegian steamer HØRDA, Haugesund for Lisbon, totally wrecked on the east side of Lewis Island on Thursday night. the crew numbers eight. [Dundee Courier 23.1.1915]

A telegram from Shawbost, on the west coast of Lewis, states that during a strong northerly gale on Thursday night the steamer HØRDA went ashore there, and has become a total wreck. None of the crew have been saved, and no bodies have been recovered, but the wreckage is drifting ashore. The steamer, which is believed to be a Norwegian, was laden with general cargo. [Aberdeen Daily Journal 23.1.1915]

During a violent northerly gale the Norwegian steamer HØRDA was driven ashore at Shawbost, on the western shore of the Isle of Lewis. Owing to the fierceness of the sea and the desolate region, nothing could be done by the few islanders, and the vessel was rapidly broken up. None of the crew was saved. [Dundee Courier 25.1.1915]

Particulars to hand with regard to the vessel wrecked at Shawbost, on the Atlantic seaboard of Lewis, show that she is the steamer HØRDA, of Haugesund, Norway, built of wood, 600 tons gross. During Thursday afternoon a strong northerly gale developed, increasing to hurricane force as night came on. There was a terrific sea running on the coast in the late afternoon. A steamer was sighted of Bragar, apparently in a disabled condition, and after nightfall the villagers of Shawbost observed her showing flares, blowing her siren, and sending up rockets to summon assistance. Owing to the storm and mountainous sea it was utterly impossible for the villagers to render any aid. A short distance to the southward was Calloway Bay, where she found shelter, but her machinery or steering gear had broken down, for she continued to drift closer on to a dangerous reef. Shortly afterwards a tremendous explosion was heard, the result, it is surmised, of her having struck the rocks and the water getting into her cargo, which consisted of carbide, causing it to explode. At daylight the wreckage washed in filled every creek and gully. Most of the steamer's hull came ashore, literally reduced to matchwood, testifying to the force of the explosion. The fumes of the carbide, carried landward by the wind, made the air obnoxious for a long distance. No bodies have so far been recovered. It is presumed that the HØRDA was bound from Norway for some English port, and the Minch being now a prohibited area, she was obliged to take a course to the westward of Lewis, and was either disabled or driven by the fury of the gale on to a lee shore. [Aberdeen Daily Journal 25.1.1915]

With regard to the steamer wrecked off the Lewis coast on Friday last, it has now been ascertained that she was the HØRDA, of Haugesund, laden with 750 tons of carbide in iron drums, and bound from Odde, Norway, to Lisbon. Among the wreckage washed up is a quantity of lady's clothing from which it is assumed that the captain's wife was on board. No bodies so far have been recovered, but arrangements have been made by ex-Provost Anderson, the Norwegian Vice-Consul, for the burial of any bodies that may come ashore.
[Aberdeen Daily Journal 26.1.1915



History in English:

1892 Built as HØRDA at Johan Hauge, Halsnøy Kloster, Klosterøen for Carl Foss m. fl., Haugesund.
1900 Sold to T. H. Skogland et. al., Haugesund.
1905 Sold to Th. Nordbø et. al., Haugesund.
1915 Wrecked 21/01 at Shawbost, west side of Lewis Island, Hebrides whilst on a voyage from Odda to Lisbon, Portugal with a cargo of carbide in drums.
Crew of 14 men lost.




Kilde: DnV, Lloyd’s, Starke, wrecksite.eu
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